viernes, 18 de octubre de 2013


Cover Sotry:
  • One more try.- 2013 was supposed to be Mexico's year-it wasn't. Now hopes for 2014 hinge on this year's structural reforms.
In Brief:
  • Hot and cool.- Who's growing, who's not.
  • Aeroméxico not taking off.- Low-cost airlines grow.
  • Energy concerns.- miners producing electricity.
  • Walmart gets out.- Alsea buys its restaurant division.
  • Global Reach. Bimbo grows in the U.S.- Plus, movies a la mexicana.
  • México's next TV magnate.- Who's vying for the new networks.
  • From beetle to infinity.- Automakers, Mexico's biggest success story, aim for top-of-the-line models.
  • Mexico emerged.- Rob Kapito, President of Blackrock.
  • A complex security situation.- Alandro Hope, IMCO.
  • Nafta, 20 years later.- Ambassador John Negroponte.
  • The new china is here.- Louise Goeser, Siemens.
  • Growing on line business.- Pablo Slough, Google México.
  • Wining and dining.- More Mexicans delay parenthood to enjoy life's perks-and spend.
  • 15 Powerful women.- We present the top women in business from our annual ranking.
  • Fighting in a land of giants.- Mexico's best entrepreneurs show innovation and courage.
  • Local etiquette.- A few tips for doing business-and making friend-in Mexico.
In depth:
  • Where Pemex is going.- Ceo Emilio Lozoya wants to share the risk and profits of oil exploration with private firms in a bid to modernize the national oil monopoly.
  • A quixotic endeavor.- Fighting monopolies is no easy task. Eduardo Pérez Motta retires after nine years of trying.
  • Sir Richard Branson, revving for Mexico.- The Virgin Mobile founder says he wants to take on Carlos Slim on his home turf, Mexican telephony.
  • Searching for growth.- AB InBev dispatches a new CEO to Grupo Modelo with the mission to restart a stalled beer market.
  • Have Money, will shop.- Mexican companies are letting foreign ones dominate the growing e-commerce sector.
  • Not sharing in the spoils.- Bond issues had a great year, but medium-sized companies did not benefit from it.
  • Slim report.- 'El ingeniero' builds on.- Carlos Slim-'The engineer'-Had a bad year in stock markets. But his ambitious projects carry on.

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